Project Purpose

Join us in delivering the Sydney Olympic Park Community Development Plan 2020-22. The plan outlines the approach to support the growing community of residents, local businesses, workers and students. Community also includes anybody who has a deeper connection with Sydney Olympic Park and uses the Park regularly.

Project Background

Sydney Olympic Park Authority aims to develop Sydney Olympic Park as a great place to live and work. The Community Development Plan 2020-22 is aimed at guiding this goal in partnership with our local community and key stakeholders. The plan also responds to Sydney Olympic Park Authority's commitment as part of 6 Star Green Star Communities rating for the Sydney Olympic Park precinct.

As the state government agency responsible for managing and developing the Park, Sydney Olympic Park Authority plays a custodian and facilitator’s role to create the conditions of possibility for excellent community, sustainability and economic development outcomes to be delivered at Sydney Olympic Park.

Community development ensures we:

1. Engage our community to understand their needs and aspirations, and respond with creative and innovative solutions

2. Deliver strategic planning, assets and amenities for our public spaces, working within budgets and resources.

3. Create programs, events and activations that respond to community needs and aspirations and help to build community capacity.

4. Connect our community and stakeholders to the right networks and channels for social outcomes and community benefit.

5. Ask the relevant questions in developing our partnerships and collaborations

• How can this make the Park an even better place to live and work?

• How can our community benefit from this?

• How can I engage and involve the local community and business?

• Are there any other partners that can help me improve the outcomes?

Project outcome

Project outcome

A Community Development Plan based on community and stakeholder feedback between 2019-22 has been finalised.

It has the following key outcome areas:

1. COVID-19 impact recovery

2. Informed, engaged and connected community

3. Innovative activations, programs and events that contribute to local economy

4. Sustainable, safe and inclusive place with a sense of local character

5. Improved access to a diverse range of services, amenities and facilities for local community and businesses

6. Meaningful partnerships and collaborations delivering community benefit and social outcomes

For details of identified actions against these outcome areas please download the Community Development Plan 2019-22. The plan will be reviewed regularly.

A shared place

Sydney Olympic Park is a shared place and the Authority is part of dynamic network of organisations that have a role in caring and planning for it and in providing programs, services, amenities and infrastructure.

We are responsible for:

  • Long-term land use planning
  • Developing an accessible, inclusive and liveable precinct and parklands
  • Protection and enhancement of the Park’s natural environment
  • Day-to-day management of all public places and running of sports venues
  • General coordination of the orderly use and operations on the site
  • Programs promoting the Olympic and Paralympic legacy
  • Programs promoting our environmental legacy
  • Place based education, visitor and community programs
  • Developing and promoting sports infrastructure and programs at all levels
  • Facilitating partnerships where other stakeholders are better placed to deliver outcomes
Other key organisations that contribute to community development outcomes at Sydney Olympic Park are:

Matters under the jurisdiction of these organisations are subject to their own strategies.

Community members and local businesses can also initiate ideas that contribute to community development. A Community Development Plan ensures that everyone works collaboratively to make Sydney Olympic Park a great place to live and work.

Community consultation

Community consultation overview

The Community Development Plan was informed by community, stakeholder and staff consultation undertaken from 2018 to 2020. This included regular community and retailer meetings in addition to community engagement at the following events:

December 2018 Inclusion Community Week, Jacaranda Square
April 2019 Neighbourhood Block Party, Jacaranda Square
June 2019 My Town, My Park Community Picnic, Jacaranda Square
June 2019 Town Team Community Workshops
July to November 2019 Town Team Community Meetings
November 2019 Town Team Community Event, Abattoir Blues
December 2019 Paralympic Sports Activation
December 2019 Christmas Magic Activation
June to December 2020 Homify Local Places Project

Community feedback identified the following areas as priorities:

1. Localism - more local initiatives

2. Liveability - better everyday living

3. Community events - regular community events and activations

4. Community information - improved community information

For more details about the community feedback download the Community Development Plan 2020-22.

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