Neighbours Nurturing Nature is for you and your community

The Neighbours Nurturing Nature Volunteer Project is about establishing ongoing opportunities for community members to contribute to the care, improvement and protection of the Parklands. Interested? Read further to get involved.

What's in it for you?

A chance to get involved in practical and worthwhile projects that will foster guardianship of the Parklands, wetlands and waterways of Sydney Olympic Park, while also connecting with other people in the local community. This new Park Care project will allow us to deliver on the Sydney Olympic Park Community Development Plan, which identified engagement with the environment as a key community priority.

We want your ideas and inspiration!

Being a volunteer project, there is an opportunity for everyone. If you have a pair of helping hands, skills that you're willing to share, free time, energy, passion, or just want to do something different every once in a while, there is a place for you.

Next steps

Once our leaders have had their orientation and training we will be ready to take on general volunteers. Send in your Expression of Interest in volunteering and we'll keep you in the loop.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Activities happening in the park where volunteers can participate

Ideas for projects

You can help the environment in many practical ways, here are just a few ideas.
  • Litter Pickup

    Join a team of people who meet regularly to focus on picking up litter from designated sites.

  • Street Clean Team

    Collect rubbish on your regular walking route and have it contribute to the whole team coverage of an area and keep litter out of the waterways

  • Habitat Supplements

    This could include assisting with building installing and monitoring bird, bat or possum boxes.

  • Monitoring and Surveys

    Participate in ongoing water monitoring and wildlife surveys across the year.

  • Recycling for Reuse

    Take items that were previously headed for rubbish or general recycling and create something new and useful

  • Planting and Mulching

    Be part of a team that plants and cares for shrubs and grasses in the park. A great activity for all ages.

  • Weed Identification and Mapping

    Receive training in local weed identification and learn how to report the location to allow for safe removal.

  • Your own idea

    Suggest your own community project to help threatened and endangered species.

Information about the project

After the Information Session, participants will be asked if they'd like to be involved with the program.

  • Successful applicants will undertake a series of onsite and online training sessions over several weeks.
  • These sessions will include contributions from various Parkland internal and external stakeholders and will give the participants all the information they need to begin work on their own projects.
  • Upon completion of the training, participants will be supported in starting projects of their own. We’re looking for people with ideas and a passion for the environment.

Anyone who is keen to have a positive impact on the parklands and environment of Sydney Olympic Park, and who wants to work towards building sustainable community groups.

It is best suited to those that live or work in or in the immediate suburbs around the park.

We are having a trial group to ensure we set up the program well. We expect to expand to other areas and more volunteers later in 2022 based on community feedback.

A balance of online and on-site training that will give participants all the induction and instruction required to lead a group on site. This will include detailed site specific information for each project.

Because we are building our volunteer program from scratch, we've got a lot of planning to do. As soon as opportunities become available, we will release them on this site.

The Neighbours Nurturing Nature Volunteer Program is a separately funded project to the Sydney Olympic Park Town Team Project.

Neighbours Nurturing Nature is open to both Sydney Olympic Park residents and our nearby neighbours (Carter Street area, Rhodes Peninsula, Newington, Wentworth Point and Victoria Avenue Concord West).

There will be many synergies between these two projects, so we are open to seeing where interests and ideas take us.