Covid response at Sydney Olympic Park

Our community is facing the biggest public health challenge of its lifetime and for many this is a difficult time impacting our health, livelihood and social connections.

Both SOPA and NSW Health recognise that the vaccination centres are causing frustration, concern and an element of fear for yourselves and your loved ones.

To the residents of Sydney Olympic Park, we thank you for sharing your neighbourhood with thousands of people coming to get vaccinated at one of the NSW Health vaccination centres and for the role that you are playing to help our community get through these challenging times and out of the current lockdown.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the August 2021 community survey, which closed on Monday 20 September 2021. SOPA and NSW Health have acted on feedback as we have received it and to the best of our ability. The community survey is further extended to December 2021 to continue to provide an opportunity to provide feedback. Scroll down to go to survey.

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Outcomes of August 21 community survey

What we heard…

We are very grateful for the patience and cooperation of local residents in relation to the vaccination centres and understand that there have been impacts. We have heard from you that the you were concerned about:

  • Increased traffic and pedestrians around Figtree Drive and Australia Ave
  • Illegal parking
  • Unsafe pedestrian drop-offs and pick-ups
  • Increased litter
  • Damage to nature strips and landscaping
  • Noise from PA announcements
  • Lack of physical distancing around the vaccinations centres
  • Impacts on your health and wellbeing

What we have done…

SOPA and NSW Health have acted on feedback as we have received it and to the best of our ability.

Here are some of the actions taken in response to your feedback:

  • We have arranged two road safety audits and made changes to traffic management and street signage in Figtree Drive and Australia Ave to increase safety for pedestrians and motorists
  • We created a dedicated drop-off zone on Figtree Drive
  • We have deployed increased traffic controllers around Figtree Drive and Kookaburra Lane to encourage better driver behaviour and to move on drivers that are looking to park illegally
  • We have offered free parking in our car parks and increased ranger patrols around Figtree Drive to reduce the illegal parking
  • We have increased cleaning patrols around the vaccination centres and on walking routes to car parks and the train station to address the concerns about litter
  • We have worked with NSW Health to turn off lights after hours to avoid the spill into nearby residential properties
  • We have adjusted volumes and turned off some speakers for the PA announcements to minimise noise impacts
  • We have increased NSW Police and Australian Defence Force personnel on site to manage physical distancing and to assist with compliance to COVID rules.
  • We are planning to ‘make good’ the turfed and landscaped areas around the vaccination centres and refresh these when the time is right.

Supporting You program

  • We have launched a “We Support You” program for local residents.
  • This includes free access to Lifestyle membership for all Sydney Olympic Park residents until the end of the year, which will unlock a range of health, wellbeing and social benefits in addition to discounts at local retail businesses and other benefits.
  • There is also access to a free wellbeing webinar series, retail vouchers to ‘buy Local on us’ and opportunities to seek micro grant funding for local neighbourhood projects and community events.

For more information visit the SOPA website.

Community Engagement

Community survey - Oct 2021

Community Survey - Aug 2021